It's That Time Of Year Again

We made it! Another year under our belts and most of the decisions we made did not end up having a major negative consequence on the world at large (Sorry Russia). It is time to celebrate with good friends, good food and the counting of 1 to 10 in reverse order!

The board and staff of Fur Squared are pleased to announce that we will once again be hosting the LAFF New Years Eve Party. We hope to make it an even bigger success then last year. (Not easy to do since we had an astounding 50+ people there)

We will have more of what you expect: food, drinks, games, raffles, prizes, yelling, drama, a dance club called “The Baby Seal”, killer bowties, the cube from Hellraser, a deck of many things, strangely specific chain letters, and people dressed up like animals.

Please join the staff and board members of Fur Squared on Dec 31st for an unforgettable night with all of your friends. The always entertaining LAFF New Year’s Eve party is on again this year. Same bat time, same fox hotel.