I'm running a what now?

Sparkling grape juice? Strange toasts? Sequential numbers? It must be time to ring in the new year!

A staple in the LAFF community, the LAFF New Year’s Eve party has been handed off to me by my longtime friend Timoran (he tricked me). It now falls to the staff of Fur Squared and myself to throw a party worthy of the LAFF title.

We will have more of what you expect: food, drinks, games, raffles, prizes, yelling, drama, a furby hidden in someone’s pillowcase, top hats, cannibalistic tendencies, chain smokers, rope smokers, soap on a rope, 50 ft of silk rope (10gp 5lbs), and a stapler filled with pez.

Please join the staff and board members of Fur Squared for an unforgettable night with all of your friends. The always entertaining LAFF New Year’s Eve party is on again this year. Same bat time, same fox hotel.