Code of Conduct

0. The golden rule

Anything you do that could cause our group to be viewed as a nuisance or more trouble than we’re worth, by our host venues, cities, or the general public, will result in your expulsion from this event and may have repercussions impairing your ability to attend events or conventions hosted by other people as well. So act as if you’re a guest in the place, follow all the rules, and leave it better than when you arrived.

Or, basically, “Don’t Be Stupid.”

1. Membership

In order to be “a furry” at our host venues, you must purchase a membership badge. Our host venues have been advised that any “furry” whom does not have a membership badge openly displayed is not a part of our group and the host venue has our permission and request to eject such people from the common areas including outside. Event staff will check badges at the door to our reserved areas and entry will not be permitted without one.

All membership badges must be openly displayed at all times including with costumes. Membership badges are property of the event chairman and must be surrendered upon demand by the chairman or any event security staff or host venue staff. After your membership is revoked you may not return to future events without written permission from the event chairman.

There will be no refunds for membership fees for any reason, including if the event is canceled or ended early, or your membership is revoked. Lost badges will not be replaced, you must purchase a new membership and your lost badge will be voided.

2. Staff

Event staff will wear special badges identifying them. If you are asked to do/stop doing something by anyone on event staff, do so and don’t argue. If there is any issue with a ruling made by event staff, you may take it up with Alkali, whose rulings are final.

3. Personal Belongings

Attendees are responsible for securing any valuable belongings. The LAFF New Year’s staff takes no responsibility for your personal belongings.

4. Safety

All safety rules and instructions are in place for a reason. Endangering the safety of yourself or others will be grounds for ejection. Costumers are reminded to be very aware of the terrain and geometry of their surroundings ahead of time, especially stairs, slippery surfaces, and any other hazards.

5. Alcohol

The New Year’s Eve Con is a family event and alcohol may not be consumed in open areas of the convention or hotel. Anyone visibly intoxicated beyond their limit will be escorted by staff to their guest room for the evening.

Alcohol consumption is regulated by the host venue and their rules are final and must be strictly followed. If the host venue comes to the chairman with any complaint related to an alcohol issue, the chairman reserves the right to immediately confiscate your badge.

Anyone found to be enabling underage drinking will be ejected from the event and the venue and referred to the police.

6. Illegal Activity

Illegal activity of any kind is not permitted and will be referred to police.

7. Weapons

Weapons are not permitted – the chairman will have the final authority on what is and is not a weapon.

8. Press

Any press activity (including, but not limited to, video and sound recording, photography, and conducting interviews) is strictly forbidden without written consent of the chairman in advance of the event. All approved commercial use will be accompanied by a member of event staff. If unescorted press activity is observed, notify event staff immediately.

Private photography and video are permitted for personal use. It is advised to obtain permission of the people appearing in your pictures or video before publicly posting their likeness.