Not so long ago the lot of us who now find ourselves running Fur Squared were new to the fandom. We have a lot of wonderful memories about getting to know the multitude of furries in the community. One of our most fond memories was the LAFF New Year’s Eve party. Thanks to Quake Fox, we have been given the opportunity to run this amazing event.

Please join Fur Squared as we celebrate the new year in a way that only furries can. A gathering of like-minded individuals in our trusted venue; Residence Inn Chicago-Oak Brook from 5:00pm December 31st until regret o’clock NEW YEAR’S DAY! As always, drinks, snacks, and sparkling grape juice will be on hand for this rowdy shindig.

As a side note, most of us on the board of directors here at Fur Squared started our journey into the fandom with the LAFF furries. We wanted to take this moment to give a little bit back to the community. That is why we are applying a $5 discount to your New Year’s Eve membership to anyone who has a Fur Squared membership.

We hope to see all of the LAFF furs out there and meet a few new faces! Happy New Year everyone!

–The Board and Staff of Fur Squared